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    Matefrio Legal Defense Fund [PLEASE READ]

    Well, this is the official thread for Matefrio (Rob)'s legal defense fund. Anyone who would like to contribute to Rob's defense fund can do so via paypal at:

    All monies donated will go directly to Rob's bail expense, criminal defense attorney fees (currently at $5,000.00), appellate attorneys if he needs them (which can be obscenely expensive- 10k plus), and various expenses associated with Rob successfully defending himself from this miscarriage of justice. Rob is a stand-up guy and is insistent that all monies donated to him be subject to oversight by TGT mods to verify they were spent on actual expenses related to this incident. Unlike our government, Rob is more than willing to be held accountable for all monies received and used. Any excess monies donated but not used will be re-donated to either a worthy pro-gun charity or a possible permanent legal defense fund started by TGT (I still need to speak with Alan & Travis and staff about this). The above paypal address will be accessed directly by Rob and all funds raised will go directly to his defense.

    Disclaimer: Donating to this fund does not commit Rob to accepting any particular outcome AND does not entitle you to any representation by Rob's attorneys. This money is solely being used to lessen Rob's financial expenses for fighting for our rights and his freedom.

    For those of you who do not know the story, I encourage you to read these threads:

    I am going to re-post my original post & thoughts on this subject
    with a few modifications-

    I personally know Rob and I'd like to make a few observations:

    1) First and foremost, we couldn't have asked or hand-picked a better test case for this. Rob is extremely educated, generous to our community (routinely donating his time and cool things like knives etc to TGT members), professional, calm, non tinfoil hat wearing, religious, politically active, and respectful.

    2) The law is actually clear on this point and, as an attorney, I believe wholeheartedly that Rob is correct in his interpretation. We could certainly debate intent, but not content.

    3) We all owe Rob a debt of gratitude. This isn't the kind of guy who is going to roll over the first opportunity he has to plea bargain his case to a result he can live with. I can't say that about a lot of folks. Rob is a principled person who has his eye on the welfare of the entire community, not just himself.

    4) This will be an expensive endeavor and the stakes are very high for Rob, his freedom, his family, and professionally. However, Rob has put his money, freedom, and CHL where his mouth is. We are asking for your support- financially, prayers, writing congressmen/Governor Perry, etc.

    5) How absolutely appropriate and symbolic for his arrest to have taken place inside the State Capitol building. I think this speaks volumes to how solidly Rob believes in this cause.

    I literally can't say enough good things about Rob Matefrio. If you've ever met him, then you will surely know- we have the right person testing this case. Lets all show him the love and support him relentlessly during this time. Please give as generously as you can afford. I personally thank you and I know TGT Staff and Rob thank you as well.
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    Can't wait until I can donate!

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    Matefrio Legal Defense Fund [PLEASE READ]


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    Thanks for posting this Tejano Scott. I'm humbled with all the friends I've made here.

    Thanks to all that have contributed their prayers, time and cash to the cause.
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    I'll help as soon as I can. Good luck to you!
    Quote Originally Posted by scap99 View Post
    Anyone one else want in on this?

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    Re: Matefrio Legal Defense Fund [PLEASE READ]

    I too, will help soon as possible.

    sent from my dishwasher

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    Payday is Monday.
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    Eagle flies Friday.....will do it then, at the latest!
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    Done. Good luck.

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