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    Florida cop breaks laws to restrict you rights.

    Florida Officers Mislead & Push the Limit of the Law to Stop Open Carry Bill
    In fact, it appears that members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office may have violated the law in order to influence the committee members.

    During his testimony, Captain Mike Fewless stated, “I actually stopped by every one of you guys’s [sic] office this morning (and) dropped off seven photographs of some biker outlaw gang guys that have carrying concealed firearm permits [sic]. Those are the ones we’re worried about carrying.”

    Florida Statute 790.0601 expressly forbids the release of personally identifying information of a person who has applied for or who has received a license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm. The specific circumstances in which that information may be released are with the express written consent of the licensee, by a court order upon showing a good cause, or upon request of a law enforcement agency in connection with performance of lawful duties.

    There is no exemption for release of identifying information by anyone for the purposes of furthering a political agenda.

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    Re: Florida cop breaks laws to restrict you rights.

    Whats wrong with bikers carrying? They obviously have no criminal record that would bar them from the permit. This guy is a ****.

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    Re: Florida cop breaks laws to restrict you rights.

    This could get interesting. I sort of expect a lawsuit over this any time now.

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