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    HELP With a Walther PPK

    I need some help on this one. I just bought it today, its a Walther 32 ACP Stamped AC after the serial number I know thats code for Walther. Directly after the serial number is the letter p, I believe that is the series because they recycled serial numbers. I also know the grips are not original to the gun.

    Now what I don't know is why the left side of the slide is blank, and NO it hasn't been sanded off. Also the proof stamp on the left side of the frame appears to be an eagle over a swastica followed by the letter F or E, I can't tell which for sure. Ive posted some pics of it. If anyone knows about these PLEASE help me out. I got what I think was a Steal on the price, I just want to know more about it.Click image for larger version. 

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    OK I have been searching the net for almost 5 hours for info on this gun and I got EXTREEMLY lucky. I went to and a guy was describing his ppk and the discription was spot on of mine. His serial number was off about 30 or so guns, but it was most definately my gun. And a response to his post was as follows:'s a late war "ac" code Walther PP Eagle/F Police Pistol (manufactured by Walther in early 1945). It's one of about 6000 pistols produced in the Serial# range 370000P - 380000P. It's a highly collectable little pistol. They're found with black or occasionally reddish plastic (bakelite) grips. Some have beech wood grips with the Walther banner pressed in (I've always liked the red grips myself)...

    As a late war Walther PP it won't have the milled cuts behind the trigger guard or a loaded chamber indicator pin. The left side of the slide should be blank. Some have the "ac" code stamped below the serial number on the right side of the slide and on some the "ac" follows the serial number (on some it's not there at all). The frame serial number runs along the grip behind the trigger guard (readable from the grip side). Sounds like yours is correct in every respect. The correct WWII magazine will be marked with the Walther banner and "PP 7.65 m/m" and may also have the serial number and a "1" or a "2" stamped on it (common on police issued pistols).

    Value will depend on condition plus whether you've got a holster and spare magazine. Definitely would love to see photos of this one...


    US Army Ordnance Corps (Retired)

    Reference: Axis Pistols Volume II, by Jan C. Still

    I only wish the guy knew a value range. I paid $350 for it because I thought at first the slide stamps had been sanded off and so did the original owner. Mine matches all the way through and has NO import marks. Its so amazing to think that treasures like this are still floating around today. I figured I'd post what I discovered for you guys in case you come across one. If anyone knows a value let me know.

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