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    Intratec Pistols

    Anybody have any experience with any of the Intratec 22-LR's? Really don't have any knowledge of these guns but was looking for a 22 pistol that might be fun to shoot. I understand Intratec went out of business years ago so are parts hard to come by? And are there good alternatives to this brand? Thanks for any help.

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    Failure to eject ("stovepiping") is a common complaint of TEC-22 owners. Some owners report better reliability with certain magazine brands that have steel feed lips. The magazine well is fairly loose, allowing the magazine a wide range of possible orientations. Because of this, the play in the magazine orientation can affect ejection.

    Another common complaint is the tendency of the firing pin to break. Aftermarket firing pins are available.

    An issue commonly found on these pistols that affects reliability revolves around the spacing found between the chamber wall and extractor ramp. The space is so vast that the extractor does not get enough of a grip on the spent casing's lip to properly extract the round. Several pistols have been made into reliable guns by reducing this space.

    When the TEC-22 first came out, some were recalled because they were firing automatic bursts.
    Still, lately I've been enamored with 22LR firearms (just picked up a Chipmunk pistol on Saturday!), so I too would be interested in hearing firsthand accounts from TEC-22 owners!

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    Coming from someone who owns one, I'd avoid buying it unless you enjoy amateur gunsmithing.

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