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    Legal Shotgun Barrel

    Can someone tell me what the "minimum" legal length is for a shotgun barrel

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    must be over 18 in for the barrel (muzzle to breach face) and an overall length of over 26 inches for the entire shotgun.
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    I wanna say it's 18 inches but I'm sure there will be someone with a link posting soon enough.

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    Legal Shotgun Barrel

    Quote Originally Posted by matefrio View Post
    18 in , or an overall length of 26 inches.
    ^^^ What he said.
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    To all who responded to my question, Thank You.

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    I was surprised to find out that Mossberg makes barrels for Remington shotguns. I had an 18.5 cylinder bore with one bead on my 870 and it was perfectly fine

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    Re: Legal Shotgun Barrel

    Cool story bro.

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    It's 18" minimum with a 26" overall length minimum. They measure the barrel length by unloading it, closing the bolt and dropping a rod (or a tape) down the bore to the bolt face. Most trim the barrels to 18.5" or more in case the muzzle is damaged and needs a trim.

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