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    Beretta 686 needs barrel selector work

    I have a Beretta white Onyx on which the barrel selector is loose. Anybody know of someone in the DFW area that does good Beretta work?

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    I am sure the Beretta Gallery in Highland Park will take care of it for you.

    They are probably the best place for all things Beretta west of the Mississippi.

    Beretta Gallery Dallas
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    Unfortunately the Gallery does not handle repairs. Beretta directs you to one of their service centers. The center that services Texas is located Missouri. I was hoping to find someone local that might be able to take a look. Keep my dollars local, ya know? If I have to ship out of state however, so it goes.

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    Beretta 686 needs barrel selector work

    Johnny Green (817) 282-5929. Small shop, but he knows his stuff.
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