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Thread: Binoculars?

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    I am way late to add to this thread but don't think higher power is better. The higher the power the harder it is to hold the binoculars still and that makes it harder to focus on your objective. The best all round binoculars are 7x50. That gives you an exit pupil of 7+ which makes them better in low light. In comparison, a pair of 8x40 gives you an exit pupil of 5 and a narrower field of view. However, 7x50 binoculars are not as common as they used to be. I have a pair of Pentax 8x40 and they are great and very clear. I would look at either Nikon or Pentax. They rival binoculars that cost many times more. If you can get to a Cabelas store, they have many different brands to compare and you can find Nitrogen filled, waterproof Nikon or Pentax binoculars for a really good price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baboon View Post
    Steiner binocular are built to be disposed of. I had a pair of Commanders that broke twice. First time they replaced them, second time the said they were no longer warrantied. After much bitching about my lifetime warranty they sent me some reconditioned predators to shut me up.

    Lesson learned buy Swarovski, Zeiss, Lecia's or other high end optics & pass them down when you no longer use them.

    I had a pair of Steiner 8X30 Military/Marine binoculars. When a bump knocked the barrels out of alignment, their 30 year warrantee wasn't worth jack squat. And Jack was on vacation in Vegas. I bought a pair of Lecia com acts and they've been great for over 20 years.

    Screw Steiner's!!!!

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    Check into the Sig line as well... I have a pair of their binos as well as 5 optics... I'm a fan

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    hard to beat vortex HD glass for the money

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