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    Quote Originally Posted by PhulesAu View Post
    mtv died 40 years ago.

    Late 1980's. Just before the Clinton coup. I stayed glued to it. Used the VCR to record the music videos. Then copying the video to give to a friend. In between, we rode bicycles.

    Then this propaganda $hit started to take over. It went from music videos to talking head shows. Then to fake news. Now's it's nothing but pure propaganda.

    Another nice thing we can't have. Basturds.

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    Thank you for posting this....

    Funny as $h%t.......

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    MTV gave us Kennedy so I can't be too mad at them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikewood View Post
    About the time they stopped playing music and started the cultural engineering TV shows.

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    About the time I started acting my age!
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