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Thread: SBEIII

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    Ended up going with the SBEII 25th anniversary from cabelas for $1399! Thought it was a good deal, and didn't see a whole hell of a difference between the two when I held them side by side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 40Arpent View Post
    F&S is owned by Dick's. They can suck the shit out of my asshole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 40Arpent View Post
    I'm very curious about the III as well. I've hunted with my SBEII for about 12 years, and I can't imagine any shotgun serving me better. In my book, it's perfect and lacks absolutely nothing. From the literature I've read (more like briefly scanned), I didn't see anything on the III that makes me want to run out and get one to replace my II. I'm doubting anyone here has any experience with the III yet, being it's so new, and I've not seen the II mentioned very often.
    Came here to say exactly this. Why did Benelli NEED to make a III? The II was pretty effin perfect (except for the slop in the plastic front grip to the mag tube).

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    I'm still shooting my original SBE, wasn't a big fan of the SBE2, I might have to look into the 3 if the 1 ever gives it up

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