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Thread: Amazon HP Sale

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    Amazon HP Sale

    I guess HP cleared out a back room somewhere. If you want a computer for a young'n or need something for occasional use, these are a good avenue. Better yet, some of these machines are Windows 7. I picked up the EliteBook for Mrs. Rebel.

    Yahoo has all the links to the individual units in one spot:

    ::EDIT:: The prices on Amazon are lower than the prices listed on Yahoo.
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    Looked at the specs, had to double check the date line on that:

    Also, holy crap, Yahoo is still around?

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    Amazon HP Sale

    The i5 processor is the only one relevant, but just barely

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    I was gonna say, most of these aren't really worth the price they are asking.
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    Dang, some of that stuff must be over 6months old!

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