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    Helping a Buddy....

    If there has already been a thread on this, please direct me there....if not, please share your thoughts....

    I have helped several friends get into the gun culture and into the shooting scene.

    This is a bit of a different deal....a buddy wants him and his wife to get their CHLs and carry. I have never met her (met my buddy at work in Canada.)

    His first thought (being a guy) is to get on Academy's website and start finding 'cool' 9mm's....since he 'doesn't need all that power in a 45, but just enough to get the job done'.....ugh.

    SO, being that we are both basically engineers, we both think like engineers, I told him that he needs to find figure out what is important to him in selecting a CCW firearm. What are his requirements?

    I've gone through this many times in my head, and it's why I have 2-3 that are regularly rotated through depending on the situation and what I want to wear that day.

    My question to the group is what do YOU think about when considering a CCW handgun? What 'ranking' do you give your various concerns? What guns did you choose for which duties?

    I presonally carry a Colt New Agent with Crimson Trace grips, primarily in a Sticky holster for ease of removal and retucking when I get in and out of my truck. I also carry a full size 1911 in a custom IWB rig that a buddy made, wrapped in aligator skin. I have a couple of the 5.11 armpit carry shirts that have the pouches sewn into them and if that is the attire, there is either a P238 or a PPK there....sometimes one in each side, when I'm feeling like a rebel. Got a Sticky pocket holster for P238/P938 pocket carry (I carry these interchangeably).

    My concerns are concealability, comfort, and handling. At the end of the day, if I'm in my skivvies and I have to tuck in a HD Double Tap, it'll work if it has to work. I just like 1911s, and I have no issues carrying any caliber EXCEPT 40. I just hate 40s.

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    I like your three categories. my priority would be this order:
    Handling, comfort, and concealability.

    You can dress around a "larger" pistol as needed to make it concealable. Smaller pistols are more concealable but definitely don't let them be deceived that those are more comfortable.

    I'd also note comfort should include holding and actually shooting. A tiny rohrbach may be comfortable to conceal, but shooting one, and practicing with it, are another story.

    They should go a range that rents guns and try them out, and otherwise put their hands on a bunch of pistols to get a feel for what they like.
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    Main concern is if the bad guy will crap his pants when he sees me draw it .

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    reliability, caliber, comfortable to carry, looks cool, in that order

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    Did I miss it or did you indicate what kind of clothes does he wear most of the time? What you wear has a direct effect on what you carry. I personally don't carry small caliber guns. I carry a Colt Defender in .45ACP (easy to conceal) and a S&W640 with a Barami hip grip on it. The S&W almost disappears when I hook it over my belt at about 4:00 and is extremely comfortable (no exposed hammer, everything smooth and rounded) and will fire .357 hollowpoints or .38 Sp. wad cutters. The little 1911 is flat and easy to carry with an inside or outside the waistband holster. Just my two bits.
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    The problem is what works for Thee may not work for Me.

    Your friends need to get out on a range and fire as many different CCW weapons and calibers as possible.
    What looks wizz-bang perfect on paper can be a royal P.I.T.A. in actual use.

    Over the years I've evolved my CCW philosophy into this: It doesn't really matter WHAT you carry. What matters is you DO carry.
    I've worked my way down from a full size 1911 to a GLOCK to .38snub to a Seecamp.
    What is paramount is you have your weapon with you when you need it.
    A teeny-tiny NAA revolver is worth millions where that $7000 hand tuned by John Moses Browning himself 1911 at home in the safe is worthless when the boogieman confronts you.
    Little guns will get carried. Big, heavy ones largely will not.

    Recoil is a another matter.
    Most women I've been shooting with do not like recoil and/or muzzle blast. I'm not trying to be sexist or anything here but in my experience they don't like to shoot guns that are unpleasant for them. Who does?
    This means perhaps choosing a smaller caliber. This may be the better decision so practicing/training will continue.

    Of course, go too small and the gun can be uncomfortable to shoot.

    This is why trying as many different guns as possible before deciding. A small thin lightweight semi can be just right for many.
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    1. Build quality and reliability

    2. accuracy

    3. conceal-ability (low weight and thin)

    4. caliber (9mm or greater)

    5. ergonomics of the firearm (nice trigger, one handed mag releases / slide releases)

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    Quote Originally Posted by subseashooter View Post
    Helping a Buddy....
    Well that all depends. It is a Good Buddy or just a buddy? A Buddy will help ya take some one out. A "Good" Buddy will help ya hide the body.
    Have Ammo?? Lets Party!! and "When basic morality and legal principal give you a green light to shoot the S-CKER, its probably a good idea to shoot the S-CKER!!"
    Originally Posted by West Texas
    "Hey yall, someone hold my, WATCH THIS!"

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    My situation is a bit different, of sorts, than for normal folk. Being one handed, All my priorities are on top of the list but, for me, ease of takedown and racking the slide is/are 1st or 2nd. Got to be able to clean it and charge it. Feel in my grip is also 1st or 2nd. If it don't feel right, I'll be buying a gun I'll only end up selling later, And not shooting/using/carrying in the meantime. Round count is also in the top 3. I don't want, or need, to get into a firefight but, if I do, reloading a revolver is almost impossible under extremely highly charged, stress situations with one hand. So a semi automatic with a "ten base" round count is high, high on the list. I want a minimum of ten rounds to start/end anything that might occur. Caliber choice, for me, using the ten base is anything over .22lr. Lastly, though once again, in my top three, is reliability and ability to get rounds on target. Both of these are almost one in the same, in the sense that without the ability, the reliability don't mean diddly, and verse-visa.

    I will carry a CZ83 in .380 just as soon as I'd carry a Springfield XD(m) compact .45 or my Ruger SR9 in 9mm. I am accurate with all and they are all reliable. Though the feel of the Springer is losing favor with me in the grip department.

    So once again like I tell everybody that asks, Try Everything AND Anything you can get your hands on. And shoot them, if possible. I've bee trying to help an ex girlfriend get hers, and since she about a 20-26 hour drive from me, I'm stressing it to the point she just gets pissed at me when I say it. Again.

    I know, I'm NO help at all with the last statement. Even though it is the most important.

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