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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDan View Post
    30.06 can't apply to open areas anyways right?
    It sure can. 30.06/07 state "property", not premises.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Younggun View Post
    My understanding is that the properties are leased. Would the lease holder have the ability to over ride the property owner for a case like this?.
    Not unusual to have a clause in an O&G lease that prohibits firearms being carried by an "employee, agent, invitee or contractor of Lessee". Although the mineral estate is for practical purpose the dominant estate in Texas, doubt seriously that gives the Lessee the ability to override the surface owner's right by restricting firearms other than stated above.

    Many properties under production are also under hunting leases. But hell, in this day and age ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishingsetx View Post
    maybe standard tresspassing laws? Im assuming once you turn off of the county road, everything else is private. May have also been an insurance deal forcing them to post the sign (stupid, but no one ever claimed insurance company are smart). Ours at our plant made them post the signs all over the place even though anyone entering the plant had to have a signed contract stating no weapons! They did, however, not post the entrance to the employee parking lot because more than half the employees (including the plant manager and regional manager) threatened to start parking along the road rather than on plant property lol.

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