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    Red or green light for hunting hogs at night?

    I've never hunted hogs but I want to start. I need something to spot them at night. Is a red or green light best?

    I'm thinking about ordering one of these. Hogzilla Lights | Hog Hunting Lights and Accessories

    Any advice or other recommendations are appreciated.

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    Just light up the feeder at night with a car battery. They don't mind it after a few days.. Solar on a timer would be ideal, but the car battery will get you going right now.

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    Red or green light for hunting hogs at night?

    Green lasers and red lasers scare my hogs. I've got a solar powered LED motion activated spotlights on the feeders that only bug some boars.

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    Nite Hunter Illumination NHV001 Nite Hunter Varmint Rifle-Mounted Light W/Li-ion FREE S&H NHV001. Nite Hunter Illumination Weapon Lights.

    This works great for most any animal I've used it on.
    Eyes light up like light bulbs at 150 yards + and silhouettes at 100 yards or so.

    If you kick on the light immediately, it will startle the animal.
    If you turn on the light shining up and then slowly move the light down into the field, it doesn't scare them.

    Lasers are too intense if you hit the animal in the eye.

    I highly recommend.

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    green lights are the best i have used... they make the piggs glow at night time

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    I have a strong preference for red. I have not tried green, because red has worked perfectly for me. White works fine too, as long as you are not too close to them. If I expect to be within 50 yards, I use red. For further away, I go to white. Both are mounted on my rifle.

    As Mitch mentioned, pointn the light up when you turn it on, then bring the beam down on them.

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    The green lights are pretty useful. It makes their eyes glow green. Its not a typical laser aiming device, but a green laser light, like a flashlight.

    Cabela's: ND5 Flashlight

    I have seen this one in action. It was mounted on an AR rail. It made the pig's eyes glow green. Very cool. I have heard that the small ones have issues in cold weather.
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    Have you used this light on coyotes? I like the price a little better than the laser genetics. Didn't know about this light so thanks for the heads up!
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    Red or green light for hunting hogs at night?

    I've used both red and green on my AR for varmints and hogs and got about the same results. Both work pretty good. I prefer green just because I can see them better.

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    Red or green light for hunting hogs at night?

    Green's wavelength appears brighter at longer distances than red's.

    Remember the old red lens for military flashlights? Good for short distance, not for long distance.

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