12 gauge

  1. Killbox Alpha

    WTB WTB 12 ga steel slugs

    Looking for some 12ga steel slugs. Dependinag on price, may want up to 100
  2. D

    SOLD [AUSTIN] Estate 12ga 00-buck 2-3/4 (250 shells)

    Factory Estate 12ga 00 buck, 2-3/4 shells, 25 per box, 10 boxes. $110 F2F in Austin metro. Can trade for 500 rounds of brass 9mm.
  3. J

    JTS M12AK Chinese Academy Shotgun Magazine Options

    My buddy has a JTS and he got his buddy to modify a Promag and a drum.
  4. J

    JTS M12AK Shotgun from Academy Mag Drum Modifications

    Check these modifications out if you own a Chinese shotgun. Looks like somebody else spent some money besides CSspecs to answer those expensive questions.
  5. T

    Browning Twelvette Double Automatic 12 Gauge

    Looking for a gunsmith that is familiar with the Browning Double Automatic. Any input would be great.
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