1. A

    WTT [Austin] 9mm, 5.56, .40, .223 ammo for Ruger BX-25 mags

    I have plenty of ammo and just bought a Ruger 10/22 Takedown for my son for his birthday on March 4th and I am looking for a few mags for it. I have: 500 rds of 9mm Remington FMJ 50 rd box 9mm American Eagle 450 rds of Federal 5.56 can FMJ 2 100 rds per box of Winchester .40 FMJ a few boxes of...
  2. A

    WTB .22 lr rounds! Possible trade for new PMag trade.

    I am looking for .22lr rounds. Would like to buy at least 500 rounds, would prefer a couple thousand. I am also willing to trade 2-3 brand new 30 rd windowed PMags. For the right deal. Thank you!
  3. smittyb

    Wtb/wtt gsg-5 or 522

    I'm looking for a GSG-5 or 522 pk pistol. I will buy outright, or have 223/308 ammo I could trade. I would prefer the GSG-5 over the 522, as I would have to convert the 522, so the 522 is worth slightly less to me. They sell reguarly on gunbroker, so they are not rare, I would just rather...
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