1. S

    SOLD Remington 1903-A3 (30-06) refurbished -- San Angelo

    From Aim Surplus, "Classic Springfield 1903 A3 .30-06 caliber bolt actions Rifles. Each has been professionally refurbished utilizing brand new 4-Groove, 1-10 RH Twist Criterion barrels, U. S. receivers (Remington or Smith-Corona) and Full C stocks." I bought this rifle back in April 2013 and...
  2. SPCHardin

    For Sale: 178 Rounds of surplus 30-06 rounds (HXP) - CMP

    I am selling the remainder of my 30-06 rounds for my M1 Garand as some ***hole stole my rifle out of my truck while out of the shooting range. Due to my financial situation, I don't see myself being able to replace the rifle in the near future. I originally bought these rounds from CMP. A steel...
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