1. nathan.whynott

    Zastava AK 308

    Bought some Yugoslavian furniture and started the refinish and conversion.
  2. R

    SOLD (Austin)Springfield M1A National Match NA9102 - lower price

    Lowered price - $2100 or trades. 308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO, 22" National Match Barrel, American Walnut Stock. Springfield's National Match M1A rifle offers incredible competition performance with features such as an air gauged national match medium weight barrel, custom match grade recoil...
  3. D

    SOLD 640 rounds Wolf Military Classic .308 Winchester 145gr FMJ steel case

    640 rounds Wolf Military Classic Steel Case Non-corrosive Ammo. 145gr FMJ, non-corrosive steel case. $220 FTF in Austin metro area.
  4. D

    SOLD Once-fired .308 Win brass

    I have 544 pieces of once-fired .308 Win brass. All reloadable from factory ammo I personally shot, not random range pickups. Headstamps are a mix of Prvi (PPU) and FC, with some Magtech tossed in. $50 FTF in Austin.
  5. D

    SOLD CMP .308 M1 Garand (Austin)

    Got a CMP .308 Garand for sale. H&R Receiver, new CMP stock, Criterion barrel. In excellent condition. I have shot approx. 150 rounds through it. I installed a Schuster adjustable gas plug, original plug is included. It also has the modified clip latch so empty clips don't automatically...
  6. Andrew P

    WTS Anderson AR10 .308 [Canton]

    Looking to sell my Anderson AM10 .308 AR10 Not selling the optic or bipod. Low round count, and good condition, i just decided to build another one. Looking for $1100 Firm. 903-316-6272. You’ll have better luck texting than calling as I’m at work a lot.
  7. G

    Possible swiss k31??

    Well here is my first post. My family acquired a good amount of guns from a late great grandpa, and I just now decided to take a good look at some of them. Going through I found this rifle that intrigued me a lot... It looked a lot like a swiss k31 (and im pretty sure it is swiss because it's...
  8. T

    HSM .308 168gr Sierra HPBT (South Austin)

    I have 12 boxes of HSM 168gr Sierra HPBT. This stuff shoots fantastic. Got rid of the Knights SR25 ECC so I need to offload my extra .308. Not really wanting to run all over town to split this up, so $180 takes all of it. That's only 15.00 a box...
  9. W

    New to 308 reloading

    Hi everyone – I am new to rifle reloading, I have been re loading38 spcl and 45 acp for about 3 yrs; started off with RCBS Rock Chucker &Lee dies, and later got a Lee Loadmaster Progressive (finicky junk!). I will stick to the Rock Chucker for 308reloading. My rifle is a Ruger American22” with...
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