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    Beretta APX line, Compact or Carry? .40 or the-really-hard-to-find-9mm-ammo, 9mm?

    Hey guys. I'm a very loyal Beretta guy, and love the FlagShip 92. I would like to get either the Compact or Carry pistol in .40, because 9mm ammo is getting tough to find out there, plus I like a little bit more punch in the .40. Thoughts?
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    SOLD [Austin] Glock 35 Gen3 Competition (.40 S&W) package

    Selling this shooter's package. Glock 35 long-slide competition model, Gen3. Bought from GT Distributors, looks like new, estimated round count is 300. Comes with everything from the store: 3 mags, loading tool, case, manual, paperwork, cleaning brush. Would prefer to sell as a package...
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