.45 acp

  1. Butchjones

    WTS Spikes Tactical & Texas State Armory Stripped Lowers - DFW

    Spikes Tactical stripped lower receivers, these were never assembled, pistol or rifle configuration, low shelf, multi cal, serial numbered to box. They are from a private collection so there's no forms to fill out, just be over 21 years of age & show a current Texas drivers license. $ 225.00...
  2. Siarsenal

    Hi point 45 ACP

    Hope the videos are getting better Steve
  3. Ghost Fish

    Selling my Glock 21 and Moving To A 1911...?

    I've had two 1911's and either given away/sold both of them. A Springfield Armory GI 45 that I gave my father for Christmas a few years ago and a RIA 2011 Tactical VZ that I sold a few months ago. That said, I've been bitten by the bug again. This time I'm hankering for a Commander Sized or...
  4. Fortitude88

    Federal American Eagle .45 ACP FMJ - Good Price?

    Just purchased 10 boxes (100 rounds/box) of Federal American Eagle for $46.95/box -- $0.47/round. Total was $469.50. Good price? I think it's about the going rate.
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