45 colt

  1. wileycoyote

    WTS USFA 45 Colt SAA 4.75”

    USFA 45 Colt SAA 4.75” (My photo) Includes: Custom refinished in antique blue with radiused smoothed edges Doug Turnbull Case-Hardened Hammer Returned to factory to regulate sights Long Hunter Shooter Supply Premium 8-point Action Job Hone all internal parts and replace springs...
  2. D

    Looking for 45 Colt brass

    I am having trouble finding decent brass for 45 Colt. New is fine. But not Starline brand. Once fired brass would be good too. So far any decent brass I have found is overpriced, probably because it's hard to find. Anyone know of a decent source for 45 Colt brass? Even better would be a good...
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