80% kit

  1. P

    WTB AR 15 jig (San Antonio)

    I have an 80% lower that I would like to finish, but I don't have a Jig. I am hoping someone would loan me there's. I'll supply me own bits. This would save me a lot of cash. Please let me know of you have a Jig to loan out or if you want to sell for reasonable price. Thanks!
  2. DD130

    SOLD [New Braunfels] Poly80 PF940v1 new kits (4)

    I have 4 Poly80 v1 kits with jigs, drills and end mills. I have enough Glocks in the safe, so I don't have a need to build any more at this time. Originally $150 ea., but I've seen them for $59 from time to time. 1 Black 1 FDE/Sand 2 Olive Drab I'd like to sell all 4 at once for...
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