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    SOLD Sporterized K98s (8x57mm) and K98 stock -- San Angelo

    These rifles were mainly bought as project guns, however those projects never took off. They all function fine. I can provide more pictures upon request. Located in San Angelo Top: Mauser banner rifle ($325) Middle: Sporterized Czech vz 24 with Leupold 6x scope ($350) Bottom: Sporterized K98...
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    SOLD Egyptian contract FN-49 and Hakim (8x57mm) rifles -- San Angelo

    For sale (separately) are an Egyptian contact FN-49 semi-automatic rifle and an Egyptian Hakim semi-automatic rifle. Both rifles are chambered for 8x57 Mauser and function properly. The only reason I am selling them is because I only shot them once and I want to downsize my collection of...
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