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  1. JonFTC

    The Reno Air Races 1911 Video - American Legacy Firearms

    Here is a video we put together to show our Reno Air Races 1911. We hope you like it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. :) American Legacy Firearms - Reno Air Races on Vimeo
  2. JonFTC

    The NRA Revolver Video - American Legacy Firearms

    Here is our latest video for the NRA Revolver. We hope you like it. American Legacy Firearms - NRA® 2014 Revolver on Vimeo
  3. JonFTC

    Hello from American Legacy Firearms!

    Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan and I am the Advertising Manager for American Legacy Firearms. American Legacy Firearms is a top 10 Corporate Donor to the National Rifle Association and the Top Corporate Donor for the Second Amendment Foundation. We specialize in limited edition firearms...
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