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    1. Outrider

      SOLD .22 WMR AR-15 Pistol upper only w/2 mags, 250 rounds ammo and flip up sights in Terrell/Dallas

      I bought two .22 magnum uppers complete from BCA last month to see which one I liked better. Both ran CCI and Winchester JHP ammo without issue. this one I ran the two mags [10 rounds each] through it before deciding to keep the 16" version. This pistol is a blast to shoot 10.5" BCA upper...
    2. S

      AR-15 removable sling solution needed

      I want to replace the sling mounts on my AR-15 with removable ones. The sling I am going to make will permanently attach to the rings which then makes it cumbersome to disassemble the gun. Removable mounts solves this. A google search gave a zillion hits, so I figured somebody on this forum...
    3. S

      WTS AR mags, AK-47 mags, Blackhawk sheath, Redhead belt (San Angelo)

      Location: San Angelo Prefer payment is with Paypal or Venmo. I will ship items, but that price will vary. Unused DSG Arms black aluminum 30rd AR magazines with Magpul springs and followers: $9/ea Unused Bulgarian 30rd steel AK-47 magazines with heavy-duty polymer follower: $10/ea Unused...
    4. Andrew P

      WTS Anderson AR10 .308 [Canton]

      Looking to sell my Anderson AM10 .308 AR10 Not selling the optic or bipod. Low round count, and good condition, i just decided to build another one. Looking for $1100 Firm. 903-316-6272. You’ll have better luck texting than calling as I’m at work a lot.
    5. F

      Magazine won't lock into AR-15

      Tried posting earlier, but apparently didn't work. Forgive me if this is a double post. Recently built my 1st AR-15. Worked great! After a couple hundred rounds, now sometimes the magazine won't lock into place. Push it in, drops to the ground. Before I start taking everything apart, was...
    6. F

      AR-15: problem installing a bolt catch

      Decided to finally start building my first AR-15. Got the parts, found a good video and in no time at all ran into my first snag. I have and FDR-15 receiver set from F-1 Firearms. There is already a pin inserted where I place the bolt catch. It appears to be threaded and so screwed in. I can't...
    7. F

      Which charging handle should I choose?

      I am looking at a BCM Gunfighter charging handle for an AR-15 I am building. They list 3 - large, medium and small. No description of the differences. Can anyone help by describing these in more detail and making a recommendation? Thanks
    8. F

      What are your opinions on the best handguard for an AR-15?

      I have started buying parts to build my first AR-15. I will purchase a 16-inche barrel, so first question - what length handguard should I buy? What about things like picatinney rail all around vs. keymod mounts, etc? Over time I plan accessories like night vision, flashlight, laser, bipod...
    9. F

      What is the most important component to choose first in building my first AR-15?

      I'm getting close to ordering components to build an AR-15. What is the most important component to build around? I'm thinking the barrel is item number one. Any opinions? (Loaded question, I know there are going to be a lot of opinions). Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    10. S

      Sale-AR-15 Complete Uppers! Free Shipping, Tax Free

      Check out our selection of AR-15 uppers. All of our complete uppers ship for free! We carry Spike's Tactical, CMMG, Bushmaster, RRA, DPMS, Daniel Defense, Core 15...:machine:Click to Shop
    11. S

      Weekly Reload-Stock up on Ammo, Magpul, Uppers & More! No Sales Tax!

      Weekly Reload-Stock Up on Ammo, Magpul, Uppers & More! Check out our newest Weekly Reload ad...Click to Save
    12. S

      Complete AR-15 Uppers on Sale!

      Check out our huge selection on AR-15 uppers. We carry uppers chambered in 223/5.56, 300 blackout, 308 win, 6.8 spc, 7.62x39, 450 bushmaster, 22lr, & 9mm. All our complete AR uppers ship 2-day air for free, plus no sales tax for order outside Nevada!
    13. S

      Deal of the Day Specials!

      Check out our Deal of the Day Specials going on now...Shop We have ammo, AR-15 uppers, stripped uppers, Magpul on sale. No sales tax out of Nevada with Free shipping and fast delivery...Shop
    14. F

      How do you choose parts to build an AR-15?

      I've looked through a number of videos on AR-15 builds and they are pretty thorough in the how-to. But, how do you choose the different components? Quality vs. price? The only thing I come up with immediately, is that if the part costs more, it must be better quality. That only works if you have...
    15. Genesis CNC

      December Raffle

      Enter our December Raffle by signing up for our newsletter. Plus you get 10% off any purchase Win a Rifle Builders Kit valued at over $625.00 PLUS Our New Polymer 80% AR-15 Kit Enter to Win BOTH! Click Here to Sign Up Click Here to Sign Up
    16. C

      Looking for a .223/5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

      Hello all, Has anyone seen any reasonable priced AR BCG's anywhere lately? I am close to finishing a budget build AR and this is the last part I need. I don't mind buying gently used... Thanks!
    17. erratadata

      SCORE!! Friends of NRA Banquet

      Dropped $40 on 2 tickets and won this: It was part of the "Kill it, Chill it, Grill it" package, along with a 60 QT cooler, portable gas grill, Yamaha rifle scabbard (for ATV). hat and grill lighter. Fun time and a lot of great guns and chances to win. I don't know why more of you TGT's...
    18. M

      New to Texas (Houston)!

      Hey folks! I'm new to Houston and new to Texas! Originally from PA, I moved to CA after graduation for a great job opportunity (knowing full well that it would be temporary). I paid my dues and when the opportunity came up to move to Houston, I jumped on it. It's nice to be back in America...
    19. E

      Newbie question - Why is a .22 semi-auto rifle desirable if a .22 pistol is weak?

      My husband and I are new shooters living in the Houston area and we have begun aquiring guns in response to the political and criminal atmosphere in the country the last few years. He carries a Taurus .380 TCP (which he bought to replace a Taurus .357 revolver that was too heavy for CC), I own...
    20. V

      (Austin) 5 30 round USGI mags and New Condition Black Gen 2 Magpul BUIS

      I have 5 standard aluminum mags, with the improved green followers. I don't use them since I prefer my Pmags so I might as well get rid of them. Compared to how much they are going for elsewhere the $30 each I am asking seems reasonable, which is sad but that is the way it is in our country...
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