1. Glockster69

    Gun(s) on private boat or PWC on TX waterways - legal?

    I searched the Motorist Protection Act and found nothing relative to boats or watercraft. My understanding of Tx Concealed Handgun Laws (CHL-16, October 2012) quoted below, allows a CHL holder to carry gun(s) on watercraft, is that correct? My question does NOT refer to watercraft with any...
  2. transplanttexan

    Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak $350obo - Austin/Buda

    I've got a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak I never use. Used it maybe a half dozen times last year. It's a two seater, but works great with one person as well. The seats are removable so if you've only got one person in it you can put the seat where you want. It has no holes, tears or patches and...
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