1. Dio_Eraclea

    SOLD [Lavon] WTS: Winchester Primers 9mm 1000 + Berry’s 9mm 124gr 250 bullets + Lee deluxe pistol die set + Lee Hand Press Kit

    All are new/unused. Would like to sell as a set for $280, but am willing to sell separately, and cheaper if you do not make me drive far. $70 - Lee Deluxe Carbide 4-Die Set $70 - Lee Hand Press Kit $60 - Berry’s 9mm 124gr 250 bullets $80 - Winchester Primers 9mm 1000 Prefer to meet locally in...
  2. Younggun

    Poor Mans Slo-Mo, Guns In Action; Pic and Gif Heavy

    .50 BMG API impacting 5/8' steel plate Full speed imact
  3. glick88

    Materials used to cast bullets

    What material do you use to cast bullets? & Where do you get the material used from?
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