1. B

    SOLD (Sale Pending)micro 9 desert tan with crimson trace (S.W. Ft. Worth)

    I have a Kimber Micro 9 in desert tan with the crimson trace laser grip. I picked this pistol up last weekend from a guy who said it was unfired. He bought it for his wife who carried it a few times, but never fired it. It comes with three mags (One flush fit and two with extensions, a leather...
  2. Fortitude88

    Newbie: IWB vs. OWB - 1911

    Brand new to guns, never owned a gun before. Just purchased a Kimber Ulta CDP II .45, going through my CHL class this week, and now looking for a holster. Price isn't a concern, neither are aesthetics. I'm looking for something minimalistic, comfortable, and functional - meaning, I can draw it...
  3. Texasslinger

    Beretta compact 92fs 9mm

    Picked this up on friday. Shot it at the range. Smooth as glass and dead accurate at 25 yd The knife is my sog fielder. Good knife and outstanding pistol. I polished the barrel and guide rod. 2 extra mags. Standard 15 rd from full size work just fine made by Promag. Ordered an additional 2 as...
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