1. RifleGear

    RifleGear.com is hiring in Plano, Texas! (DFW)

    Greetings, RifleGear.com is now accepting resumes for our new Plano, Texas location (Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area). We are looking for a knowledgeable, customer service oriented sales person with experience in modern sporting firearms (emphasis on AR and AK platforms), handguns, parts...
  2. L

    I'm from Central NY and I'd like to become a Texan

    Hi everyone, My name is Jim Heins, and I'd like to relocate from Constantia, NY to somewhere in Texas permanently. I have a BA in Geology, I'm well versed in multiple forms of communication mediums, I'm strong, hard working and can learn just about any job you have to offer. I'm tired of living...
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