1. A

    Questions about paper trail for ATF (FFL)

    First off, I hope it's ok to post this since it's not technically about NFA/Class III SOT. If not, mods feel free to remove. I'm trying to get my FFL, but I can't seem to find any regulations about operating a business out of my home (residentially zoned, I think. Don't know if there's any...
  2. Marcia

    Hello from the Piney Woods: New shop open!

    Glad to be on this intro, Edited by: Youngun
  3. T

    Form 2 Question, registering multiple calibers & lengths

    In regards to block 8b has anybody had any recent success in "registering," for FFL/SOT SBR purposes, in multiple calibers and barrel lengths by putting the multiples into the additional description box? Example fill out the form normally as SBR, 5.56, 10.5"/30" and then add 9mm/.300BLK/.22LR &...
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