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    1. Every Day Gun Guy

      DEAL AMMO, Handguns, Accessories, Rifles, Shotguns and more ALL @ Every Day Gun Guy!!

      Get all your shooting sports needs at Every Day Gun Guy!! Ammunition, Handguns, Optics, Hunting, Rifles, Shotguns, and Accessories at Every Day Gun Guy!! SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAILS AND GET A 10% OFF COUPON CODE FOR ENTIRE ORDER!!! Remember, we also ship to your local FFL! CLICK HERE TO GO TO EVERY...
    2. N

      Firearm-centric Business Directory now LIVE! - TACDEN.COM

      We are currently looking for a total of 5 businesses to go through and test the functionality of For your time, you will receive a free 3 month subscription! If you're interested in testing, email me at TacDen is your tactical solution to discovering the perfect...
    3. Troysland

      Texas International Firearms Festival Austin Nov.8-9

      What's the word on this event? I searched this site for info and found nothing. I heard about it from my brother in Southern California. Texas International Firearms Festival | Texas International Firearms Festival Maryland Shooters Texas International Firearms Festival - Maryland Shooters...
    4. CriterionTactical

      Criterion Tactical Course at the Sig Academy AAR.

      The following is an short after action review (AAR) of the two day tactical pistol / carbine class taught by Kelly Venden of Criterion Tactical ( A Youtube video will be posted soon at Kelly is an army veteran. Specifically, a retired Sgt...
    5. C

      Combative First Aid & Trauma Management Class April 27-28, 2013 Austin, TX Area

      We are less than two months away from our annual Combative First Aid & Trauma Management class on April 27-28, 2013. The class covers the basics of Pre-Hospital emergency first aid skills in relation to potential life threatening injuries. Your odds of using these life saving skills on a day to...
    6. CriterionTactical

      "Shooting IS Easy" Handgun Overview Class with Criterion Tactical

      Join us for a 1/2 day of handgun overview and fundamentals development. Whether a brand new shooter or "pretty new" this short training day is for you; we'll talk holsters, mag pouches, learn to operate your handgun safely, shoot fundamentally correct and learn drills to practice perfect; so...
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