1. N

    Firearm-centric Business Directory now LIVE! - TACDEN.COM

    We are currently looking for a total of 5 businesses to go through and test the functionality of For your time, you will receive a free 3 month subscription! If you're interested in testing, email me at TacDen is your tactical solution to discovering the perfect...
  2. Troysland

    Texas International Firearms Festival Austin Nov.8-9

    What's the word on this event? I searched this site for info and found nothing. I heard about it from my brother in Southern California. Texas International Firearms Festival | Texas International Firearms Festival Maryland Shooters Texas International Firearms Festival - Maryland Shooters...
  3. CriterionTactical

    Criterion Tactical Course at the Sig Academy AAR.

    The following is an short after action review (AAR) of the two day tactical pistol / carbine class taught by Kelly Venden of Criterion Tactical ( A Youtube video will be posted soon at Kelly is an army veteran. Specifically, a retired Sgt...
  4. C

    Combative First Aid & Trauma Management Class April 27-28, 2013 Austin, TX Area

    We are less than two months away from our annual Combative First Aid & Trauma Management class on April 27-28, 2013. The class covers the basics of Pre-Hospital emergency first aid skills in relation to potential life threatening injuries. Your odds of using these life saving skills on a day to...
  5. CriterionTactical

    "Shooting IS Easy" Handgun Overview Class with Criterion Tactical

    Join us for a 1/2 day of handgun overview and fundamentals development. Whether a brand new shooter or "pretty new" this short training day is for you; we'll talk holsters, mag pouches, learn to operate your handgun safely, shoot fundamentally correct and learn drills to practice perfect; so...
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