1. P

    WTB Glock 19 slide (San Antonio)

    Looking for a Glock 19 slide gen 3. Need barrel and lower parts as well. Will pay cash or trade. Thanks!
  2. tcbeavers1

    1x Glock 17 and 2x Glock 19 factory mags for sale - $47 each

    I have 3 factory Glock magazines for sale. 1x factory Glock 17 magazine- NEW 1x factory Glock 19 magazines - NEW 1x factory Glock 19 magazines - USED The Glock 17 and 1 of the Glock 19 mags are new, the other G19 mag is slightly used. I am willing to sell the mags @ $47 each, or $136 for all...
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