1. smcbride014

    Gift Ideas

    Hi All, I do not own any guns, and I haven't even shot one myself, so I'm not aware of everything "gun". However, my father in law is an avid gun owner, and I am hoping to find him a neat accessory for Christmas. In the past I have given him an initialed leather King Ranch pistol carrier and...
  2. Engraving

    Im engraving Yetis in case you need some done.

    Got a 1/2 dozen Yetis to do for customers in case anybody needs to add one. $25 per side includes art preparation, +$15 for other side with same art. Marked with molybdenum bonded Cermark. 24 hour turnaround or While you wait for a $5 charge. Ive seen prices of $85 for same. Thanks for looking.
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