gun control

  1. Vaquero

    Levi Strauss

    Let's just call this a "rant". I ain't sure I currently own a pair. If I do, they'll be on the burn pile soon.
  2. Sam7sf

    Phrases that make you mad.

    I will start. "No one needs more than 10 rounds".
  3. S

    Shooters Warehouse Blog-Gun background checks: February is third-biggest month ever

    Gun background checks: February is third-biggest month ever. NEW YORK — February was the third-biggest month on record for gun background checks, according to data released Wednesday by the FBI...Read Don't Forget to "LIke Us" on Facebook
  4. darrenlobo

    Gun Rights Versus Anecdotes

    Gun Rights Versus Anecdotes Which side wins depends on whether one can reason or simply react emotionally. For a while back in the Winter, a retired philosophy professor (who wants to remain anonymous) and I exchanged a few emails and, from him, snail mail, discussing gun rights. After not...
  5. glick88

    Does the death of the AWB equal the end of the buying frenzy?

    With the defeat of the most recent sorry attempt of a assualt weapons ban/ gun control bill (VERY PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN BTW!!!!). Do you think this gun buying, ammo grabbing, price gouging fenzy is done and over? I've been super busy with work lately. SO, Ive only been able to check out...
  6. G

    The Deception behind "Common Sense Gun Laws" like Universal Background Checks

    I have talked to many gun owners who have bought into this idea that "Universal Background Checks" is the responsible option, but once I explain what it means, they quickly reverse their position. Please share this video with your friends so that they can hear what Universal Background Checks...
  7. N

    New petition, please vote and share

    Hello, I am new to this forum and have joined to help spread the word. I have created a petition to oppose the upcoming proposed gun laws. Like many others I am a husband, a father of two, and a concerned citizen. I am a veteran. I served in Iraq and am currently working in Afghanistan as...
  8. R

    Do yall want TEXAS to look like LONDON?????

    howdy. im new here but i felt like i should post this immediately and let yall know... watch this video above and read this article that was posted just a few days ago...
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