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    1. MJMcKool

      SOLD Selling Reloading Equipment for Pistol and Rifle [Round Rock]

      I bought about $3,000 worth of new reloading equipment back in 2013 during the Obama Ammo shortage. I never pressed a single bullet and now it's just taking up space. Most is Lee equipment, some RCBA. Raw lead, primers, good dry powder, Combo presses, scales, lead smelting equipment, bullet...
    2. T

      Questions about blowback on a Beretta 84FS Cheetah...

      I bought this factory new from gunbroker. They are no longer in production. When I first took it out of the case I saw oil leaking along the slide and the frame which would be normal I would think. All oiled up from the factory. I shot a few rounds and noticed I'd get slapped in the face by...
    3. B

      SOLD IMR 4064 (Ft. Worth)

      Hello. I have three unopened 1lb bottles of powder for sale. Let me know. Thanks.
    4. T

      Powder recomendations for Acme coated bullets

      I have been working on changing my bullet of choice from X-Treme plated to Acme coated. The are a bit cheaper and so far have shown accuracy the same or better than the plated/FMJ bullets I have used in the past. There is only one issue that seems like a negative, still the "smell" of polymer...
    5. W

      Best place to buy powder and primers locally

      I know this should be of interest to all, the price of primes and powder can vary quite a lot, and because of the hazmat fees it's impractical for one to buy on line. So, (especially in major cities) where have you found the best deal on powder and primers and what was a recent price?
    6. L

      BL-C(2) Powder for RL-15/Benchmark/H-335/AA2520 (Austin Area)

      (SOLD) BL-C(2) Powder for RL-15/Benchmark/H-335/AA2520 (Austin Area) Gone! Thanks.
    7. E

      Any tricks to reducing leading from soft lead bullets?

      Non-jacketed soft lead. I'm thinking to coat bore of the barrel with lubricant but wonder if the heat and pressure would eliminate the coating after the first shot. Though evaporation is a function of both heat and time. I would think the pressure alone would negate the effort. Any ideas...
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