1. G

    Job Opening: Gunsmith - Trenton, Texas

    Gunsmith Ground Zero Precision - Trenton, TX 75490 Compensation - $12 to $18 Hourly Employment Type - Full Time Job Description: Gunsmith Lead is responsible for firearm manufacturing, assembly, modification and repairs. Includes phone and email customer support so applicant must be able to...
  2. B

    M-1 Garand Gunsmith in Houston Area?

    Do any of you know of a good M-1 Garand gunsmith in the Houston area? I have an excellent 1955 HRA that I would like to have checked out top-to-bottom. Thanks!
  3. O

    HK 91/CETME/PTR 91 Build/gunsmith suggestions

    Looking for a gunsmith in DFW area who can build a CETME/HK 91 clone. Any suggestions?
  4. R

    1898 Springfield 30/40 Krag HELP!

    Okay, As most, my Krag was pasted down to me by my Grandfather. It is in great shape for being over 100 years old. This rifle was probably last shot back in the late 50's early 60's. Now I want to deer hunt with it this season as my Grandfather did many of time. You know "keep the tradition...
  5. HtownMiner

    Best place to get barrel threaded in Houston?

    Hello all, I want to get my 9mm beretta 92fs threaded for a silencer. Do you guys have recommendations on who to go to in the Houston area? Thanks in advance.
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