handgun training

  1. StevenC.

    San Antonio Area Private Classes (redux)

    This is just a reminder that The Deadeye Method provides private handgun instruction in San Antonio, TX at the Bullet Hole Shooting Complex. From beginner to advanced, defensive pistol and home defense.
  2. F

    7-3-7-3 Shooting Drill

    I thought I would share a quick video on a drill that I have implemented into my training regiment. I'm not sure if this is a drill already being used, or what it might be called. I call it the Force Multiplier 7-3-7-3 Drill.
  3. StevenC.

    San Antonio Area Handgun Instruction

    If you are visiting this forum in an effort to research handgun training in the San Antonio area, please consider visiting my webpage at San Antonio's Best Handgun Training Every year The Deadeye Method produces between 150 and 200 better, smarter, safer shooters. Classes are private...
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