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    1. Nolen24

      WTS Pulsar Digisight N960 Riflescope $800 Whitney, TX

      For Sale: Pulsar Digisight N960 Weaver Mount. Original box and accessories included. Model #76336 $800 Whitney, TX.
    2. Every Day Gun Guy

      DEAL AMMO, Handguns, Accessories, Rifles, Shotguns and more ALL @ Every Day Gun Guy!!

      Get all your shooting sports needs at Every Day Gun Guy!! Ammunition, Handguns, Optics, Hunting, Rifles, Shotguns, and Accessories at Every Day Gun Guy!! SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAILS AND GET A 10% OFF COUPON CODE FOR ENTIRE ORDER!!! Remember, we also ship to your local FFL! CLICK HERE TO GO TO EVERY...
    3. Sam7sf

      Seeking others input.

      In around three months I’m going to get a new or newer rig. No older than 2014. Currently my 2004 Nissan Titan is on my last nerve. I don’t want to put anymore money into it. I have beaten the piss out of it. This morning too, a bad driver destroyed my driver side mirror assembly. Whhaaat...
    4. Donnie Bell

      Hey Guys!! and Gals..

      Hi there, My name is Donnie Bell. Thanks for letting me post on here. I am an avid gun lover, although I don't get to shoot much, and I can't say I know an incredible amount of info on weapons; however, I LOVE them. I own a P250 SIG 9 MM, a GEN 4 Glock .40 Cal, Ruger 50 year anniversary .22...
    5. w0280093

      SOLD Winchester Model 70 .300 WSM w/Leupold VX-3

      Time to clear out some of my collection! I'm selling my .300 WSM Model 70. This gun has the synthetic furniture and I've only put ~20 rounds through it since I bought it a couple years ago. It is VERY accurate and smooth. I run it with a Leupold VX-3, 3.5-10 x 40 mm scope. The scope has a huge...
    6. S

      Need Help With Purchasing My First Rifle

      Hey guys, The only firearm I've ever owned is Springfield XD Compact 45acp. I was told .45 is too big of a caliber for a first handgun and go with 9mm instead. I am so glad I didn't take that advice. There is a recoil to it but it's so much fun to shoot. Lesson learned: Never compromise on...
    7. HtownMiner

      Buying Land to Hunt On

      I want to buy some land for hunting purposes. Where in Texas (county) should I buy land? I'm looking to buy about 200 acres.
    8. G

      Whats your favorite Upland Shotgun?

      I enjoy shooting lots of skeet and hunting birds. What is your ideal Shotgun?
    9. C

      Good 12 Gauge Skeet Gun on a Tight Budget

      Hi all, I want to get into skeet and trap shooting and hunting and as a first gun I want get something around $300 or less (I don't have much to spend :( ). I am planning to buy something used and I would prefer something with wooden furniture if possible. Are there any types of high quality...
    10. glick88

      Hunting with a Mosin Nagant.

      Has anyone ever actually used a mosin nagant for hunting? If so, what where and how?
    11. OlyMedic

      Favorite Turkey Call?

      So its been about 5 or 6 years since I went turkey hunting. I always preferred the diaphragm type mouth calls so I could be hands free. Although I had a box call that worked pretty well too. Unfortunately I am coming up blank on what brand I had in the past, so I figured I'd ask you all what...
    12. OlyMedic

      Hunting Shotgun

      Ok, so learn me on shotguns. I had a Remington 870 when I was growing up, sold it years ago when I joined the Army. Now I'm looking to start hunting again. Turkey coming up and I've got some good 'ol boys in San Sabo letting me in on their lease (Texas Hunters for Heroes ftw). Also, I'm from WA...
    13. C

      Best Place and Type for Beginner Hunting

      Hello all. Me and a few of my friends would like to go hunting somewhere outside of the Houston area. We have plenty of experience with firearms and many different choices of firearms to bring, but have never been hunting before and feel a bit above our heads when it comes to figuring out how...
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