1. P

    Emerson Outlaw Signature Series 2018

    I have always been a fan of Emerson Knives. Made in America and top quality. Battle proven. I have a CQC7 for EDC. A few weeks ago i picked up a Outlaw. It is the Signature Series model and this is 33 out of 68. The blade is signed or etched by Ernest Emerson. Here are some pics of the Outlaw.
  2. tcbeavers1

    Mini Bushman

    Here in TX, we can't carry knives with a blade over five and one-half inches. I've been wanting a Cold Steel Bushman, but the blade length is 7". Just last night, I found out they used to make a Mini Bushman, but quit awhile back (not sure when). Does anyone have any info on this knife, how to...
  3. Steve48

    Cold Steel - Fgx Cat Tanto Knife

    I just bought this interesting piece and I'll share it. I paid like $12 for it. It's a strange one, because It doesn't made of steel. On the other side, it doesn't rust (because it's can't) and it's light weight.
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