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    1. Jarhead0093

      WTS/WTT [Justin, TX] M&P 2.0 Compact .40 cal Mags

      Hello. So before I moved here, I bought a bunch of mags from my local gun store. I finally got around to opening them all and the 2 mags for my M&P Compact 9mm are actually .40S&W mags. It seems as though they were mis-marked by the packager. I’d like to possibly trade these for 9mm versions...
    2. J

      JTS M12AK Chinese Academy Shotgun Magazine Options

      My buddy has a JTS and he got his buddy to modify a Promag and a drum.
    3. S

      WTS AR mags, AK-47 mags, Blackhawk sheath, Redhead belt (San Angelo)

      Location: San Angelo Prefer payment is with Paypal or Venmo. I will ship items, but that price will vary. Unused DSG Arms black aluminum 30rd AR magazines with Magpul springs and followers: $9/ea Unused Bulgarian 30rd steel AK-47 magazines with heavy-duty polymer follower: $10/ea Unused...
    4. F

      Magazine won't lock into AR-15

      Tried posting earlier, but apparently didn't work. Forgive me if this is a double post. Recently built my 1st AR-15. Worked great! After a couple hundred rounds, now sometimes the magazine won't lock into place. Push it in, drops to the ground. Before I start taking everything apart, was...
    5. J

      Pmags, ammo, and Vickers sling (San Antonio, TX).

      Five new PMags, five boxes of American Eagle 55 grain FMJ, and Blue Force Gear "Vickers" sling for sale as package. Asking $100 for everything. Sling is new with tag. Mags are new in packaging. Four box of ammo are sealed, one broken box that was missing three rounds and replace with three green...
    6. F

      What is the most important component to choose first in building my first AR-15?

      I'm getting close to ordering components to build an AR-15. What is the most important component to build around? I'm thinking the barrel is item number one. Any opinions? (Loaded question, I know there are going to be a lot of opinions). Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    7. Rebel

      WTS: 32rd Uzi, 10rd XD, 30rd Magpul AR Magazines - North Houston/Spring

      SOLD: 32rd Uzi, 30rd Magpul AR Magazines - North Houston/Spring Location: North Houston/Spring Shipping: Yes, on buyer's dime Payment: Cash, Money Order Note: I will not sell mags 1 at a time. 4x 32-round Israeli Uzi 9mm magazines. All in good shape, no problems with them. I am asking $SOLD...
    8. Ghost Fish

      Heads Up on USGI AR15 Mags - Houston

      I was in the Command Post (45/Airtex) on Saturday morning and they had a stack of what looked like surplus AR15 magazines for $15 a piece up at the counter. I don't know if this is a deal or not and I didn't think to check the round count as I'm looking to sell my AR but I'm just letting you...
    9. GlockOwner

      Glock 22 Magazines in Stock! 15-Round

      I went up to McKinney, TX today to check out Cheaper than Dirt, but while I was up there, on the east side of highway 75, I saw a place called "Gun and Knife Supply". So I went in to just check out what they had, and they had about 20 to 30 Glock 22 15-Round magazine. Not the korean brand, but...
    10. A

      WTB .22 lr rounds! Possible trade for new PMag trade.

      I am looking for .22lr rounds. Would like to buy at least 500 rounds, would prefer a couple thousand. I am also willing to trade 2-3 brand new 30 rd windowed PMags. For the right deal. Thank you!
    11. tcbeavers1

      1x Glock 17 and 2x Glock 19 factory mags for sale - $47 each

      I have 3 factory Glock magazines for sale. 1x factory Glock 17 magazine- NEW 1x factory Glock 19 magazines - NEW 1x factory Glock 19 magazines - USED The Glock 17 and 1 of the Glock 19 mags are new, the other G19 mag is slightly used. I am willing to sell the mags @ $47 each, or $136 for all...
    12. T

      Sig Sauer P250c 9mm magazine

      I've got a Sig Sauer P250 compact 9mm magazine and I am looking to sell it for $30. Its a 15 round new magazine. It's never been used and is still in its original box and plastic wrapping. I'm over in the Lewisville area.
    13. V

      (Austin) 5 30 round USGI mags and New Condition Black Gen 2 Magpul BUIS

      I have 5 standard aluminum mags, with the improved green followers. I don't use them since I prefer my Pmags so I might as well get rid of them. Compared to how much they are going for elsewhere the $30 each I am asking seems reasonable, which is sad but that is the way it is in our country...
    14. tcbeavers1

      NW Houston FS: Glock 17, Glock 19, Springfield XDm .40 compact, and Ruger 10/22 mags

      FS: NW Houston Glock 17, Glock 19, Springfield XDm .40 compact, and Ruger 10/22 mags I have a variety of factory and aftermarket magazines for Glock and Springfield pistols, and Ruger rifles. All of them are new and unused mags. I have listed them below, and also, there is an attached picture...
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