1. glick88

    WTB: Makarov or other 9X18mm variant

    I'm looking to buy a makarov or other 9X18mm variant. Not looking to pay crazy amounts of money for a surplus firearm that was selling for less that $275 6 months ago. If you have anything available let me know. I live in Killeen, tx but am willing to make a drive for the right pistol at the...
  2. glick88

    Who as Makarov's (or other 9x18mm variants) in stock?

    I live in Killeen, Tx and have been trying to find somewhere I can buy a Makarov or other 9x18mm variant.The few places that have the firearms in stock are asking outrageous prices for a used/surplus firearm.Anyone got a lead on where a guy can find a decently priced makarov?
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