1. ohhrico1969

    Ammo Prices

    If this is a repost/thread I apologize in advance. I searched to see if it existed and could not find it anywhere. I found some "lucky" boxes of .40 ammo at wally world when I was just looking for some garden stuff. FMJ Winchester white box, nothing fancy. It did get me thinking. I have totally...
  2. Fortitude88

    Federal American Eagle .45 ACP FMJ - Good Price?

    Just purchased 10 boxes (100 rounds/box) of Federal American Eagle for $46.95/box -- $0.47/round. Total was $469.50. Good price? I think it's about the going rate.
  3. Fortitude88

    The Price of Owning a Handgun & CHL in the State of TX

    This thread is written from the POV of a first-time firearms owner, brand new to guns. I have just purchased my first firearm and completed my CHL course - these are the recorded associated costs for new items with shipping and taxes (where applicable) included. Firstly, if a person has never...
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