1. P

    RCBS Competition Dies $30ea

    243 Win 308 Win (I'll also include neck sizer) 30-06 Sprg. 22-250 Rem 25-06 Rem (this is a STANDARD die set, its $15) Take the whole lot, and I'll reduce the price to $120 AND throw in FREE 44spl/44mag AND 45ACP 3-pc dies! (the pistol dies were not stored inside, and as such, they will need...
  2. R

    Vihtavuori N135

    Any one currently using N135 for .223/5.56? Vihtavuori is top shelf but I am starting to consider it due to the fact that I can not find any of the other powders I have used for my loads.
  3. J

    Need information on OLD reloading equipment

    Greetings! I'm seeking opinions and advice from experience reloaders here. I inherited a bunch of old (1960 at least) reloading equipment for .357/38sp and 9mm. This was purchased by my dad decades ago from a police dept sale. Behind the owners manuals is a lump of lead weighing 11lbs 5/8oz...
  4. Pro Street

    Blizzard in the Texas panhandle

    Wow it is bad out with this wind. Total White out a times and the drifts are getting tall!!! The roads are closed in my area and TXDOT is not running until it stiops snowing. Stayed home today! Think I will hit the reloader and load some 45's today!!!
  5. J

    Killeen TX -- WTB Used/New Reloading Setup

    Looking to buy used or new reloading setup. I am a beginner so from what I read I need a single stage setup to load 6.8 SPC ammo. Thank you for looking.
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