1. matefrio

    Olight S1R v2 Baton Review

    Someone from Olight liked my reviews on texasguntalk (here) and provided me with a sample of the Olight S1R Baton in exchange for an honest review. I'm not a flashlight snob but do enjoy carrying enough light as a tool. It wasn't till I moved out to the boonies 6 months ago that I really came...
  2. Mreed911

    Movie Review: The Martian

    NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW - PLEASE DON'T POST SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS I got to see a screening of The Martian, the new movie starring Matt Damon based on the book by Andy Weir. Caveat: I know Andy, sort of. I worked with him until he got his book deal. I never interacted with him much but...
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