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    SOLD Sporterized K98s (8x57mm) and K98 stock -- San Angelo

    These rifles were mainly bought as project guns, however those projects never took off. They all function fine. I can provide more pictures upon request. Located in San Angelo Top: Mauser banner rifle ($325) Middle: Sporterized Czech vz 24 with Leupold 6x scope ($350) Bottom: Sporterized K98...
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    SOLD Remington 1903-A3 (30-06) refurbished -- San Angelo

    From Aim Surplus, "Classic Springfield 1903 A3 .30-06 caliber bolt actions Rifles. Each has been professionally refurbished utilizing brand new 4-Groove, 1-10 RH Twist Criterion barrels, U. S. receivers (Remington or Smith-Corona) and Full C stocks." I bought this rifle back in April 2013 and...
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    SOLD Egyptian contract FN-49 and Hakim (8x57mm) rifles -- San Angelo

    For sale (separately) are an Egyptian contact FN-49 semi-automatic rifle and an Egyptian Hakim semi-automatic rifle. Both rifles are chambered for 8x57 Mauser and function properly. The only reason I am selling them is because I only shot them once and I want to downsize my collection of...
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    SOLD Winchester Model 70 .300 WSM w/Leupold VX-3

    Time to clear out some of my collection! I'm selling my .300 WSM Model 70. This gun has the synthetic furniture and I've only put ~20 rounds through it since I bought it a couple years ago. It is VERY accurate and smooth. I run it with a Leupold VX-3, 3.5-10 x 40 mm scope. The scope has a huge...
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    Remington Sendero 7mm FOR SALE

    Have a brand new Remington Sendero 7mm sf II for sale, still in the box and 0 rounds fired though it. Bought it two days ago and just am not a big fan of the stock that comes on the rifle. Selling it for exactly what I have into it, $1280. Just trying to break even so I can get something else...
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