1. Pretarion

    Mister Guns in Plano got robbed

    Just heard that Mister Guns had their store robbed. They rammed a truck into the front and stole over 90 guns. It kills me to hear that this happens. These guys are super nice and have always ran a honest business. I purchased my Saker 5.56 from them and I am still waiting on the tax stamp...
  2. C

    Jewelry Store Thief Kills Himself & Saves Tax Payers Money

    So a bad guy with a gun, saw a cop coming and decided to save us all tax money and shoot himself i guess. Maybe this will be a new trend, one can only hope lol I am surprised though that a jewelry store would not protect themselves, I think the guy was 1 lucky individual.
  3. foureyesstudios

    I shot a guy. Do I post it HERE???

    Here is the story as it appeared in the local paper. btw: I am NOT the older guy in the pics. The case was still pending trial, and I requested no photos of me at that time. More details to follow soon. Man who opened fire to defend himself stands with many on gun control - Beaumont...
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