shooting videos

  1. H

    Paul from New Orleans, but lived off fm 1960

    Love shooting guns, conversing with fellow gun owners and gear heads, also sing with a band named Sun God Seven, we have a new video on you tube called " This is My Rifle". Please check it out here it is "This is my Rifle" (Official Music Video) SUN GOD SEVEN BAND - YouTube
  2. coboblack

    My Glock 23 - KPOS G1 Conversion Kit - 50 Round drum - Truglo Red/Green Dot plus

  3. dragon281tx

    Shooting Videos/Picture Thread

    Figured I'd start a shooting videos/pictures thread since I haven't seen one here dedicated solely to it yet (please correct me if I'm wrong). Like the title states, I'd like this thread to consist of everyone's shooting vids or pics. Vids/Pics is worth 1000 words. This is a way we can show...
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