sig p226

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    SOLD Trijicon HD Night Sights for Sig P226 Ft. Worth

    Nice bright set of sights. Sells for $165 on the Trijicon site. Asking $100. Thanks.
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    SOLD Sig P226 Fort Worth

    I have a Sig P226 that's up for sale. Has Big Dot night sights, two 15 and two 18 round mags, the original box, a Bench Master mag case and a basic Desantis holster. Asking $700 or trade for a 1911. Thanks.
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    SOLD Sig Sauer P226 DA/SA 9mm Ft. Worth

    I have a beautiful P226 Nitron 9mm that needs a new home. I'm not sure of the round count, but you can see that there has been very little rounds fired. And here comes the dreaded "extras"! -Hogue Maggrip G10 Piranha grips (stock grips are installed) -Big Dot night sights installed -Trijicon...
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    Ring around firing pin

    With ~3k rounds through the P226 it's working as well if not better than when I first shot it. After each trip to the range it gets a good clean with CLP & patches, however recently a ring has started to develop around the firing pin that just won't come off: I could take a brass brush to...
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    Thoughts on p226 DAK

    im sure this has been asked numerous times, but nothing like live help. so what are your thoughts on them? i hear lots of good and lots of bad(as with anything). but i found some in what looks to be really good condition with 3 12rd mags for $475 to my dealer. is this a good deal? everywhere...
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