1. N

    Firearm-centric Business Directory now LIVE! - TACDEN.COM

    We are currently looking for a total of 5 businesses to go through and test the functionality of For your time, you will receive a free 3 month subscription! If you're interested in testing, email me at TacDen is your tactical solution to discovering the perfect...
  2. capitolarmory

    February TGT Deal of the Month - SilencerCo Specwar 556 & 762

    First, we would like to say thank you to the TGT community for your support. The Saker promotion went well, and now that February has arrived, we have a new TGT Deal of the Month to announce. For the month of February, we are offering our TGT customers 5% off all Specwar 556 & 762 suppressors...
  3. G

    WTS/WTT High Quality CNC Adjustable Mock Suppressors for AR15/AK47/AR10/9mm

    Matte black design gives a tactical, special forces look, to an ordinary rifle. These mock suppressors are CNC machined from a single bar of high strength T6 aluminum Easily slips over the end of the guns barrel and is attached by simply screwing it on or off, just like a flash hider. A...
  4. D

    One suppressor multiple rifles?

    Did a forum search, and scanned a bunch of threads - found nothing on this, so thought I'd ask everybody: Got a Gemtech suppressor for my 7.62, and had them install a lugged flash hider on my AR (.223) that would accommodate the suppressor (Gemtech says anything same and smaller calibre can...
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