1. SPCHardin

    For Sale: 178 Rounds of surplus 30-06 rounds (HXP) - CMP

    I am selling the remainder of my 30-06 rounds for my M1 Garand as some ***hole stole my rifle out of my truck while out of the shooting range. Due to my financial situation, I don't see myself being able to replace the rifle in the near future. I originally bought these rounds from CMP. A steel...
  2. C

    [Houston] WTB Mosin Nagant

    Hi all, I would like to buy a Mosin Nagant (preferably an M44, but an M91/30 is desirable too). Please PM me details if you have one to sell (what type, where made (Tula vs. Izhmash), matching numbers, condition, and PRICE). In or near Houston only please. Thank you very much!
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