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    1. TexasPatriot1916

      Hello From Richardson

      Hello Lads, I Am New To TGT. I moved here from The land west of Arizona dare I say the name "Commi-Fornia" I finally had enough of that Sick and crazy state due to Tax'es, Anti-2nd Amendment culture and just frankly Anti American People in general there. Me and my Wife made a decision to wise up...
    2. P

      Buying a home, Stone Oak, Sonterra

      So I have lived in San Antonio 22 months and I put in a bid for a house last Monday. The offer was accepted within a couple hours, and close before October ends. I have lived in the Stone Oak area since moving here and enjoy it. I pick this area due to the school district, NEISD. I've been...
    3. S

      Shooters Warehouse Blog-Texas-based firearms maker responds to criticism...

      Texas-based firearms maker responds to criticism surrounding a real gun that looks like Nintendo's toy 'Duck Hunt' gun Texas-based firearms maker Precision Firearms LLC has responded to criticism of its "Nintendo Glock," a firearm inside a Nintendo Zapper-inspired shell...Read
    4. Troysland

      Texas International Firearms Festival Austin Nov.8-9

      What's the word on this event? I searched this site for info and found nothing. I heard about it from my brother in Southern California. Texas International Firearms Festival | Texas International Firearms Festival Maryland Shooters Texas International Firearms Festival - Maryland Shooters...
    5. franzas

      For the hell of it- Vote on Ted Cruz

      Just for kicks, I'll expand on BC's poll on where Cruz belongs. (some people wanted more choices) Pick what you think would be best if the change were to happen tomorrow. Here are the choices: 1. President of the US 2. Senator of the US 3. Justice on the SCOTUS 4. Texas secedes, reforms the...
    6. H

      Having a handgun in the office..

      I am not sure where this is suppose to actually go but I guess here would be okay? Currently I have a small office (my own suite) and I have with me a handgun, inside a drawer. Do y'all know the legalities behind all this?
    7. J

      Aimpoint 3x Magnifier with LaRue pivot mount (med. 1.535)

      Aimpoint 3x Magnifier with LaRue pivot mount (med. 1.535). Located in San Antonio, Texas. Asking $450.
    8. kfc903

      WTS: (Waco) Female Adult Jungle Carpet Python and Terrarium

      This beautiful JCP is an approx. 6 foot long female that I have owned for seven years. It is hard to let her go, so only experienced and responsible handlers will be considered for a buyer. She is hand tame, eats well, and is very healthy. The included terrarium and stand is 48X18X24 (LXWXH)...
    9. A

      Denied Texas CHL

      Hello 2nd Amendment friends, I am a 40ish year old, full time employed, responsible law abiding citizen and father. I applied for a Texas CHL about eight years ago, and wanting to do the right thing, voluntarily disclosed that I was on antidepressants. I was denied my Texas CHL. Fast forward...
    10. J

      Killeen TX -- WTB Used/New Reloading Setup

      Looking to buy used or new reloading setup. I am a beginner so from what I read I need a single stage setup to load 6.8 SPC ammo. Thank you for looking.
    11. R

      Planning a new range

      We are working on a business plan to build a new facility in the DFW or surrounding area. We have posted a short survey on the internet to gather data for the business plan and selecting the proper location. The more people that fill out the survey the easier it will be to gather investors for...
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